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Shaping Future Cities: Innovative

At Bongo Technology Ltd., we’re not just embracing digital transformation in Bangladesh; we’re defining it. Our passion for innovation is shaping a brighter, more connected future for Bangladesh.

Bongo Technology

Our Focus Areas

Utility Management

Achieve zero waste and remote control of utilities for a more efficient city.

Smart Waste Collection & Disposal

Keep the city clean and engage everyone in responsible waste management.

City Service Management and Automation

Bring citizen services to everyone’s fingertips for convenience and efficiency.

Smart Travel & Transportation

Revolutionize travel with safety, security, and ease at the core of transportation.

Roads and Traffic Management

Connect paths intelligently, easing traffic flow for smoother, smarter journeys.

Comprehensive Safety and Security

Ensure personal and asset safety with our extensive smart city safety solutions.

Smart Terminal Management System

Redefine transit with our IoT-driven system optimizing terminal operations.

Advanced Smart Health Services

Guide citizens towards smarter health services with the aid of technology.

Digitalization of Everything

Data collection, management, and sharing to enhance citizen engagement in real times. 

Smart City App: Urban Life

Bongo Technology Ltd. takes pride in the launch of our Smart City Application, a milestone in digital city management

Instant Access to City

Bongo Technology

Real-Time Updates and Notifications

Bongo Technology

Community Engagement

Bongo Technology

The Technologies That Make Smart Cities Work

Smart cities require a highly orchestrated system running multiple technologies. Our spectrum of hardware, software, and engineering expertise span the entire smart city universe.

Bongo Technology

Smart City Success Updates

Know how cities around the world are using smart city solutions to build resilience, increase public safety, and create healthier, more livable urban environments

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