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Bongo Technology
Bongo Technology

Innovating from the Dunes to the Digital Age

At Bongo Technology Ltd., we’re not just embracing digital transformation in Bangladesh; we’re defining it. Our passion for innovation is shaping a brighter, more connected future for Bangladesh.



Serving Up Revolutionary Solution

Intelligent Telematics
(Bongo IoT)

Intelligent telematics platform with customized IoT solutions.
Bongo Technology

Smart City Solutions

Innovative approaches to creating sustainable, efficient cities
Bongo Technology

Intelligent Energy

Optimizing energy usage for a greener tomorrow.
Bongo Technology

Smart Government

Digital pathways for smarter, future-ready governance.
Bongo Technology

Logistics Automation
(Bongo Xpress)

Pioneering logistics automation solutions for efficient delivery
Bongo Technology

A New Era in Bangladesh’s IoT Industry

Expanding Horizons with Bangladesh’s First IoT Manufacturing and Assembly Plant: A landmark step towards technological self-sufficiency and innovation in the region.

Our Aim

Delivering Innovative Solutions for Your Global Readiness

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Innovation Focus

We offer a range of specialized engagements from identifying your needs to making a compatible solution for your business.

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Smart Bangladesh

Supporting the government's vision for a digital future.

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Achievements & Impact

We understand that each challenge is unique.We listen to your needs and collaborate closely to develop solutions that are specifically crafted for your requirements.

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Achievements & Impact

At Bongo Technology Ltd., our innovative spirit has driven notable achievements across various sectors. Explore our key milestones

Sylhet's Smart City Initiative-
elevating Sylhet to a smarter one
Bongo Technology
Smarter Fleet Management in
Mymensingh City Corporation
Bongo Technology
Uplifting the Trucking Community:
boosting trucking efficiency
Bongo Technology
Pioneering IoT and Telematics
with groundbreaking innovations
Bongo Technology

Bongo Library

Navigating you to future success with innovative technologies. 

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